Bath City Roller Girls (BCRG) is a flat track roller derby team in Shelby Township, Michigan made up of a diverse group of fierce and strong women and men from all walks of life who have one thing in common: their love of roller derby.

Originally formed in 2010, our membership features one all-female team; plus a staff of referees, volunteers and NSOs (non-skating officials). We are always looking to add to our family and offer an all-inclusive atmosphere for people of all ages, sexual orientations, gender identities and skill and fitness levels to come together, support one another and have fun.

We skate and practice and play at the exceptionally fun Joe Dumars Fieldhouse in Shelby Township. Check them out for all of your event needs in addition to enjoying the roller derby action and restaurant.



Uh, the GREATEST thing in the world, duh!

It is, but more specifically, roller derby is a contact sport played counter-clockwise on a track. It pits two teams of five against one another in an hour-long "bout" broken up into two half-hour periods and then multiple two-minute "jams." On those teams, you have four "blockers," including a "pivot" (the one with the stripe on her helmet), and the"jammer" (the one with a star on her helmet). It's the jammer's job to break through the other team's blockers and it's the blockers job to make sure the other team's jammer doesn't get through, while also helping your jammer make it out.

The first jammer to get out of the "pack" of the eight blockers, is called lead jammer. She has the power to call off the jam. Once she's free, she must make it around the track and back into the pack. Once she does, she scores a point for every member on the other team whose hips she passes -- Oh, and did we mention this is all done on quad skates, while the blockers are knocking the snot outta you?


  1. Is there a ball?
    1. No. There's no ball in derby
  2. Can I clothes-line someone?
    1. Nope. You're only allowed to hit someone with your hips or shoulders.
  3. Will I get hit in the face or head?
    1. We have to be honest... you might, but we try really hard not to. There's a legal hitting zone and that's from your shoulders to your hips and from your bra strap, around the front to the other bra strap.
  4. What's the pivot's job?
    1. She can take the jammer panty from a tired jammer and become the jammer.
  5. Uhh.. panty?
    1. Those are the helmet coverings that designate the pivot and the jammer.
  6. What's with the names?
    1. Derby players choose an alter ego that they go by on the track. It usually reflect something about the skater so enjoy them. P.S. we choose our numbers too.
  7. What keeps my body safe?
    1. We skate in quad roller skates and are required to wear a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards and a mouth guard.
  8. Am I too.... for derby?
    1. EVERYONE is welcome in derby. It doesn't matter your age, skill level, body type, sexual orientation or gender identity. There's a spot for you and we'd love to have you.